My experience working with young team, Mislav and Marija was fantastic. Their approach was extremely professional, but still very easy – going and friendly. Make up for the occasion was fantastic, and for the first time I felt good wearing professional make up, that is usually to greasy and too heavy. She made it very comfortable and light, but also flawless. Standing in front of the camera was a great experience. Photographer was very casual, young and friendly, so I didn’t feel strange at all. Actually, I had a lot of fun. In addition, I was amazed by photos – very trendy and fun, still with special touch and unique. I would recommend them to everybody!

Petra Aralica Senior Expert Associate for Public Relations

Photo shooting with Mislav and Marija is an amazing, relaxed, highly creative and fun experience! For me, as a fashion designer, shooting new campaign or a lookbook, can be pretty stressful, but with team, everything runs smoothly. Mislav is an exceptional photographer and super professional. He is flexible, has a lot of great ideas and a great person to hang out with whole day (+he always has hidden food stash for crew smile emoticon. Marija is a miracle maker and a real artist. She is very passionate about what she does and models loved how they looked. They even stayed almost an hour longer just to pick up few make up tips from her. If you need any kind of photos, call!

Link to Fashion Salon “Dora”

Fashion Salon Dora Fashion Designer and Top Quality Craftsman

On several occasions I had the opportunity to cooperate with Mislav in preparing promotional photos for me and my band. I have seen how photo sessions with Mislav quickly and comfortably pass and the results are really fantastic. His sense for emphasizing the right content and his skill in dealing with the details as well as highly professional technical level causes that photographing becomes fun and with an excellent result. It is also recognized by the organizers and promoters of my music because they generally chose photos for promotional materials that emerged in this studio.

Ivan Kapec Jazz Musician and "Zona Muzika" Founder

I met Mislav via a photography Meetup session in early 2016 that was held by a mutual acquaintance of ours. He offered his professional services after I inquired among the group the need to hire a photographer to do headshots for a modeling account I had just opened. We scheduled a time and place for me to see his work and after that we did a photo shoot. He was very professional and very easy to work with. He offered a keen eye for great locations for a good photo, and overall I was very pleased with the whole encounter. It was my first professional photo shoot so I will always remember it, especially because it went so well. He even stated that after his final product if I did not like any he would reshoot them at no charge. I am not sure if this is a normal etiquette in the business but it is definitely appreciated from a customer’s standpoint. Mislav is reasonably priced and has all equipment needed to make a great shot. He has been a great asset to me in the way of information and connections. Coming from the U.S, I am not privy to all of the opportunities that are to be had in Croatia, but upon hearing about some of my interests, Mislav has steered me to a great school where I am in the process of becoming a makeup artist. I sincerely hope that one day we can work together on a project. Until then I am happy to sing his praises as the fantastic photographer and overall nice individual that he is.

Tamuriel L. Dillard Aspiring Actress, Plus Size Model and Writer

Mislav and I know each other since we were kids and although people say mixing friendship and work isn’t a good idea this is not a case here. Crew from Zagreb photos team is very professional, great photographers and makeup artist, best I ever worked with. We worked together on several projects (model-photographer related or client-photographer related) and the product was always very satisfying. Every recommendation!

Hana Ciliga Shoe Designer

It was a great pleasure to work with Mislav. I was a model at the photo shoot, and as I had no experience working as a professional model, Mislav’s friendly but very professional approach made me feel comfortable and relaxed. He also explained me exactly what kind of person I should be when posing- as acting in a way, and that helped me a lot. When I and the other models were stiff he would make us laugh and the photos came out great. Marija was great make-up artist, very professional, she can make your nose smaller for two sizes in only one minute! Also she can make you turn into anything just like a chameleon, also she is always there to fix something, or mate your skin.

Iva Ćurković Spajić Shoes Designer, Designer of Startas and Boromina Shoes

Although in my work I don’t like to point out the best one I have worked with in public, this time I can really admit Mislav and Marija were one of the best of the best. As an artist and a model it is not just easy to find someone who does it 100% professionally, but it is very essential to find someone you can be relaxed with and who will know how to bring the best in you. I can say that Marija, as soon as she saw me, figured out which face line should she emphasize to make me look the best I can! Marija listens to her client and definitely delivers. Mislav creates relaxed and even fun atmosphere, so their photo session feels like one short and fun experience, even if it takes hours. Not to mention his sense of artistic aspect of photography. Together, Mislav and Marija make great professional ambience and create high quality product. I will definitely work with them again soon!

Ema Gagro Singer & Dancer

The photo-shooting really was a wonderful experience for me. Relaxed atmosphere, great make up, everything was just great. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends.

Best regards,
Tea Matijević

Tea Matijević Model & Queen of Croatia 2012