Tamuriel L. Dillard

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I met Mislav via a photography Meetup session in early 2016 that was held by a mutual acquaintance of ours. He offered his professional services after I inquired among the group the need to hire a photographer to do headshots for a modeling account I had just opened. We scheduled a time and place for me to see his work and after that we did a photo shoot. He was very professional and very easy to work with. He offered a keen eye for great locations for a good photo, and overall I was very pleased with the whole encounter. It was my first professional photo shoot so I will always remember it, especially because it went so well. He even stated that after his final product if I did not like any he would reshoot them at no charge. I am not sure if this is a normal etiquette in the business but it is definitely appreciated from a customer’s standpoint. Mislav is reasonably priced and has all equipment needed to make a great shot. He has been a great asset to me in the way of information and connections. Coming from the U.S, I am not privy to all of the opportunities that are to be had in Croatia, but upon hearing about some of my interests, Mislav has steered me to a great school where I am in the process of becoming a makeup artist. I sincerely hope that one day we can work together on a project. Until then I am happy to sing his praises as the fantastic photographer and overall nice individual that he is.